Coconut Chicken Fingers with Tamarind Ketchup

Coconut Chicken with Tamarind Ketchup

I don’t have children, but I have lots of friends who do and I know how challenging preparing meals for picky eaters can be. This recipe for coconut chicken fingers with tangy tamarind ketchup is the ultimate solution since it’s as adult-friendly as it is kid-friendly. Instead of the typical breadcrumbs, these homemade chicken fingers are coated in a mixture of ground coconut and flax seeds for a healthy, tasty, gluten free twist on an old standby.

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Chipotle Chicken Burritos, Avocado Crema + an Avocado Blog Hop


We don’t always get the best avocados in Israel, but lately I’ve had some great ones. So I’ve been eating them like crazy. For lunch I have slices of avocado and tomato with nothing more than a sprinkle of salt and drizzle of olive oil. And, wanting to highlight them in dinner as well, I made avocado crema to go with chipotle chicken burritos (which also, of course, have avocado slices inside). I know he’s biased, but my husband declared these the best burritos he’s ever eaten. I have to agree.


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Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings

If you’re not from the US, or even more specifically, not from the American South, then you may not be familiar with chicken and dumplings. But you should be. Basically a chicken stew with simple biscuit dough added and simmered at the last minute, it is pure comfort food. Although chicken and dumplings is most commonly attributed to the South, it can also be found in the Midwest and may have even originated from a similar French Canadian dish that appeared in the Great Depression (says Wikipedia). When I made it most recently, I was struck by its similarity to Ashkenazi Jewish matzo ball soup. My husband, meanwhile, compared it to chicken pot pie filling. Both of which are some of our favorite foods.


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Noodle Salad with Poached Chicken and Peanut-Lime Dressing

Ingredients for Noodle Salad with Poached Chicken and Peanut-Lime Dressing

I’m going going to lie to you: this noodle salad has a few steps and a fairly long ingredient list. But, besides the fact that it’s totally worth it, this is also really three recipes in one. The peanut-lime dressing is one of my favorites, and is excellent over any salad. I like to toss it with shredded cabbage to bring to potlucks. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just short on time you can skip the chicken all together and serve the noodle salad as is, or with some cubed tofu mixed in. Continue reading “Noodle Salad with Poached Chicken and Peanut-Lime Dressing”

Chicken Paprika and Food Bloggers Support for Sandy #FBS4Sandy

Chicken Paprika

The theme of today’s blog hop was supposed to be Brussels sprouts, but we’ve had a little change of plan. As I’ve gotten the reports from friends and family and seen the increasingly dire photos of the aftermath from Hurricane Sandy, I’ve felt helpless. All I want to do is hop on a plane to help with the relief effort, to pick up the pieces in the Rockaways, to clean up Red Hook and lend a hand in Breezy Point or Staten Island. But I know that’s not realistic and I knew there had to be another way to help. As usual, the food blogging community has come through and Barbara from Creative Culinary and Jenn from Jenn Cuisine have created this event, Food Bloggers Support for Sandy. Continue reading “Chicken Paprika and Food Bloggers Support for Sandy #FBS4Sandy”

Chicken on Rice and a Tribute to Daniel of The Haggis and the Herring

I’ve mentioned that one of my favorite parts about blogging has been the incredible community that comes with it. Through interesting groups, eye-opening forums, and commenting on posts I’ve met some amazing people who are equally as passionate about food. Together we share knowledge, tips, and, of course, recipes. I feel connected to these individuals, even if we’ve never met and live an ocean apart. Which is why I was so saddened to hear about the passing of Daniel Saraga, the man behind The Haggis and the Herring. I first “met” him through a food blogger yahoo group that we both belong(ed) to, and he was always a vocal member, piping up with opinions and helpful advice at every exchange. We are also both part of the Secret Recipe Club, and today we as a group have come together for a special edition of SRC in tribute to Daniel.

Chicken on Rice from The Haggis and the Herring

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Taco Salad with Skinny Chipotle Ranch Dressing + a Skinny Blog Hop

I wasn’t sure whether to call this a Southwestern salad, a taco salad, a tortilla salad, or some combination of the three – a Southwestern taco tortilla salad? Whatever you want to call it, it is dee-licious. The tortilla bowl is optional, but who doesn’t love a good tortilla bowl? There’s something fun and playful about getting to the end of your meal and eating your bowl. They’re super easy to make and don’t require any special equipment (of course they sell tortilla bowl makers, but why?!).

Southwestern Taco Salad with Skinny Chipotle Ranch Dressing from

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Healthy Baked Chicken Recipe with Flax Seeds

This is one of those rare recipes that are easy, delicious, quick, and healthy. I know! I’ve been obsessed with protein-rich flax seeds lately, which I typically put in my oatmeal, yogurt, or smoothies in the morning. I got to thinking about how to incorporate it into my dinners and came up with this simple breaded, baked chicken breast. I used a mixture of bread crumbs and ground flax seeds so it wouldn’t be too heavy, and the result was just perfect, and somewhat akin to pecan-crusted chicken in texture.

Flax Seed Chicken ~

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Moroccan Mustard Chicken

Moroccan Mustard Chicken Recipe

In Friday’s harissa recipe I promised that I would follow up with some ideas on how to put that pepper paste to good use. Well, allow me to introduce you to the recipe that inspired me to finally make my own harissa. A recipe so good that I made it twice in two weeks and my husband keeps asking for more. This Moroccan Mustard Chicken is from Nisrine over at the gorgeous blog Dinners and Dreams (if you haven’t discovered this blog then go check it out. I’ll be here when you get back!). She wrote it for the Boston Globe, and as soon as I saw it I bookmarked it. And couldn’t stop thinking about it. I decided that it was special enough that store-bought harissa just wouldn’t do. Which is why I made it from scratch. (See? Full circle.) Continue reading “Moroccan Mustard Chicken”

Boneless Buffalo Wings and a Game Day Blog Hop

Boneless Buffalo Wings Recipe

I’ll be upfront: I am not a football fan. But I am brimming with New York pride (Go Giants!) and, although I can’t follow a game, I love the Super Bowl. Just not for the football. For me, Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food. And, let’s be honest, one food in particular: wings. Or, as my husband and I like to call them, wangs. Our love of wangs (as well as us calling them that) dates back to college. He was in an improv comedy group and after every show they’d blow the proceeds on wings and beer. The wings were always boneless (i.e. chicken tenders coated in wing sauce) and were, without fail, devoured in minutes. And so, somehow, boneless wings have become a sort of comfort food for us. Continue reading “Boneless Buffalo Wings and a Game Day Blog Hop”