From in-depth, reported features to click-worthy round-ups, Katherine has a decade worth of clips that highlight her diverse skill set. Check out a selection of published features here or click around to see examples of branded content writing and recipe development.

  • Home is Where Your Food Is {not online, available by request}, May 2012

(Plus lots more…)

These articles are no longer online but PDF available on request

  • Topolino Review, Jerusalem, August 2011
  • Tapas BaShuk Review, Tel Aviv, July 2011
  • Mitzpe Ramon Wakes Up, June 2011
  • Mexicana Review, Tel Aviv, June 2011
  • Six Unique Classes to Join in Israel, May 2011
  • Grape Escape: Israeli Wineries, May 2011
  • Cafe Culture: A Cafe in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for Everyone, May 2011
  • Food Pilgrimage: Eating in Jerusalem, May 2011
  • Colony Review, Jerusalem, May 2011
  • Cordelia Review, Jaffa, May 2011
  • Under the Radar Alternatives to Israel’s Busiest Restaurants, March 2011
  • Chez Eugene Review, Mitzpe Ramon, March 2011
  • Enjoy the Silence: Chez Eugene, Mitzpe Ramon, February 2011
  • Table for Two: Romantic Restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, February 2011
  • Mona Review, Jerusalem, February 2011
  • Soup Kitchen: Where to Get Soup in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, January 2011
  • Dorsia Review, Tel Aviv, January 2011

(This Swedish publication is now defunct)

  • The Story of Leftovers, March 2013
  • Finding Fresh Flavors in Rhodes, March 2013
  • The Cultural and Culinary History of the Meatball, January 2012
  • Discovering Spice in Istanbul, January 2012
  • Global and Seasonal Eating in Israel, November 2012
  • Julia Child: The Life of a Legend, November 2012

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