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The cookbook I photographed & edited: Cook in Israel: Home Cooking Inspiration with Orly Ziv, 2013
My e-cookbook: Puff Pastry at Brunch: 10 Sweet and Savory Recipes to Start Your Morning,
My app: Tasting Mahane Yehuda, Rama Food Tours, April 2012
My TEDx talk: Going Viral: Recipes Then and NowTEDxBGU, June 2012




The Beginner’s Guide to Glamping, June 2013
7 Natural Wonders to Visit in 2013
, May 2013
Top 10 Brag-Worthy Passport Stamps, May 2013
Travel Trend: Eat Like a Local, With Locals
, April 2013
Long Weekend in…Budapest, March 2013
A Food Lover’s Road Trip Through Vermont
, March 2013
Just Back From: Petra, Jordan
, March 2013

Speaking Each Other’s Language, November 2012
Sephardi Spices in the Sultan’s Shadow
, June 2012
Off the Plate and into the Cocktail Glass, October 2011

Poached Salmon with Minted Fava Mash, April 2013
‘EatWith’ a Local in Israel, Courtesy of a New Website
, March 2013
Shaken, Not Stirred: What to Sip on Purim
, February 2013
Holiday Baking: Tu B’Shvat Biscotti
, January 2013
An e-Love Letter to Schmaltz
, December 2012
Edible Gifts: Chocolate Covered Salted Caramels
, December 2012
Edible Gifts: Infused Oils, December 2012
Edible Gifts: Healthy Recipes in a Jar
, December 2012
Edible Gifts: Gourmet S’mores
, December 2012
Thanksgiving Leftovers Get a Shabbat Makeover
, November 2012
An Expat Thanksgiving in Israel, November 2012
Celebrating Carrots In Their Own Right
, November 2012
Autumn-Inspired Shabbat Side Dishes
, October 2012
Sukkot Meals: Sweet and Sour Stuffed Onions
, October 2012
Style Your Rosh Hashanah Table Like a Pro
, September 2012
Cookbook Recalls Recipes of Jews of Rhodes, August 2012
The Kosher Rachel Ray Heads to Israel, August 2012
A Turkish Shabbat Meal – Outside of Turkey
, June 2012
Tales of Breaking Bread in the Galilee, June 2012
Flaky Bourekas That Crumble in Your Mouth, May 2012
DIY Ricotta for Shavuot, May 2012
Cooking up a Revolution at Bar Kayma, May 2012
‘Virtually’ Touring Jerusalem’s Shuk, April 2012
Goulash by Any Name, February 2012
Hanukkah Sipping: The Maca-Bee Cocktail, December 2011
Buon Hanukkah! An Italian Holiday Feast, December 2011
Jerusalem’s New Cocktail Bar Shakes Things Up, November 2011
Tasting Notes: Five Israeli Wines to Try This Winter, November 2011
Veggies in the Sukkah – A Delicious Harvest Meal, October 2011
Break Fast Traditions Around the Globe, October 2011
Rosh Hashanah Applesauce Cake with Pomegranate Glaze, September 2011
Daniel Rogov Shaped More Than Israeli Wines, September 2011
Gourmet Classics: Chocolate Cherry Babka, September 2011
Limonana: Sparkling Summer, July 2011
Tasty iPhone Cookbook: Going Paprikash, May 2011
The Independence Day Barbecue, More Than an American Tradition, May 2011
Microbreweries in Israel, May 2011
Tasting Israel: Culinary Tours of the Holy Land, April 2011
The Politics of Food in Jerusalem’s Old City, March 2011
Shabbat Meals: Chicken Marbella Revisited, March 2011
From Schnitzel to Gourmet Markets, Seeking Out the Best Food in Tel Aviv, March 2011
Bringing a World of Mezze to Your Table, March 2011
From Markets to Haute Kosher Cuisine, Where to Eat in Jerusalem, February 2011
Bringing Israeli Breakfast to Your Kitchen, February 2011
A Culinary Oasis in the Desert, February 2011
Wine Tourism Comes to the Holy Land, January 2011
Lessons From the First Israeli Cookbook, January 2011
I Can’t Believe There’s No Butter, December 2010
Preserving Iraqi Jewish Heritage, One Kubbeh at a Time, December 2010
Arak Cocktails, December 2010
Q&A: Janna Gur, From Flight Attendant to Food Editor, Part I, November 2010
Q&A: Janna Gur and the State of Israeli Cuisine, Part II, November 2010
Ben Gurion’s Rice and a Tale of Israeli Invention, November 2010
Foods of Israel: Schnitzel, October, 2010

The Sisterhood ~ Jewish Daily Forward

Are You There Judy Blume? July 2012

The Story of Leftovers, March 2013
Finding Fresh Flavors in Rhodes, March 2013
The Cultural and Culinary History of the Meatball, January 2012
Discovering Spice in Istanbul, January 2012
Global and Seasonal Eating in Israel
, November 2012
Julia Child: The Life of a Legend, November 2012

Home is Where Your Food Is {not online, available by request}, May 2012


Joy of Kosher Magazine



From Humble Beginnings, A Haute Market in Jerusalem {not online, view pdf here}, Winter 2012




Topolino Review, Jerusalem (p. 102), August 2011
Tapas BaShuk Review, Tel Aviv (p. 78), July 2011
Mitzpe Ramon Wakes Up (pp. 24-28), June 2011
Mexicana Review, Tel Aviv (p. 66), June 2011
Six Unique Classes to Join in Israel (p. 26), May 2011
Grape Escape: Israeli Wineries (pp. 44-48), May 2011
Cafe Culture: A Cafe in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for Everyone (pp. 102-106), May 2011
Food Pilgrimage: Eating in Jerusalem (p. 108), May 2011
Colony Review, Jerusalem (p. 112), May 2011
Cordelia Review, Jaffa (p. 112), May 2011
Under the Radar Alternatives to Israel’s Busiest Restaurants
 (pp. 64-66), March 2011
Chez Eugene Review, Mitzpe Ramon (p. 68), March 2011
Enjoy the Silence: Chez Eugene, Mitzpe Ramon (p. 16), February 2011
Table for Two: Romantic Restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (pp. 62-66), February 2011
Mona Review, Jerusalem (p. 68), February 2011
Soup Kitchen: Where to Get Soup in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (pp. 64-66), January 2011
Dorsia Review, Tel Aviv (p. 67), January 2011




Michelin Mehadrin? Why Not? February 2012
Tali Friedman: Making Meals out of Jerusalem’s Larder, January 2012
Nir Zook: Israel’s Superstar TV Chef, August 2011
Esther Cohen: The Woman Who is Putting the Case for Israeli Wines, June 2011
The Farmers’ Market Foodies Set Out Their Stalls, May 2011
Janna Gur Profile, May 2011



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Sharpen Your Elbows and Other Tips for Riding the Bus in Israel, April 2011
Learning to Live With (But Not Love) the Bomb, March 2011
These Boots Were Made for Walking, February 2011
Lessons in Immersion: The Importance of the Market, January 2011
Learning to Say (and Admit) “I am a New Immigrant”, December 2010



San Francisco Bay Area Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Drink, and Stay, June 2010
Interview with Chef Matthew Accarrino of SPQR, June 2010
Summer Drinks 2010, June 2010
Chef-Sommelier Dynamic Duos: Collaborative Pairings, May 2010
Nostalgic Desserts for a Modern Age
, April 2010
Los Angeles – San Diego Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Drink and Stay, March 2010
Interview with Chef Michael Voltaggio Interview, March 2010
Join the Club: Chefs Get Involved in their Communities
, February 2010
Chef Partners: Sharing Responsibility in the Kitchen
, February 2010
Bringing the Street Inside: Street Food and Restaurants
, December 2009
Food Trucks: Making Your Restaurant Concept Mobile, December 2009
Boston and Beyond Travel Guide, December 2009
Pastry Chef Adrian Vasquez of Providence, November 2009
A Restaurant Opens in Boston: Chef Jamie Bissonnette, October 2009
The Impact of Texture, August 2009
Putting Vegetables on a Pedestal: High Concept Vegetarian, August 2009
Lessons from a Chef: Robbie Lewis, July 2009
Food and Cocktail Pairing: A New Cocktail Frontier, June 2009
Napa and Sonoma Travel: What to Eat and Where to Stay, May 2009
Montreal: A Culinary Field Trip Across the Border, April 2009
Whistler, Canada: Where to Eat and Stay on the Slopes, April 2009
10 Ways to Beat the Recession and Stay in Business, March 2009
Spring Lamb: Unusual Cuts for a Traditional Menu, March 2009
Environmentalism Meets Luxury, March 2009
The Simplicity of Sustainability: Green Restaurant Design Made Easy, March 2009
The New Affordable Luxury: Pairing Beer with our Food, March 2009
A Monk in the Kitchen: Andoni Luis Aduriz, January 2009
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Misc., Awards and Honors

I’m proud to have played a teeny tiny role in putting together All Hands on Deck, Dec 2012
Israel To Go: Look and Cook Book, Vol. 1
  (My photograph was included), LunchBox Press, Feb 2012
Stories of Woe and Woah: Two Years of Go Girl (My essay was included), Go Girl, Dec 2011
My article, Tasting Israel: Culinary Tours of the Holy Land, was awarded an honorable mention in the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition in the Magazine Feature Article Category, Dec 2011