From in-depth, reported features to click-worthy round-ups, Katherine has a decade worth of clips that highlight her diverse skill set. Check out a selection of published features here or click around to see examples of branded content writing and recipe development.

(Plus lots more…)

These articles are no longer online but PDF available on request

  • Topolino Review, Jerusalem, August 2011
  • Tapas BaShuk Review, Tel Aviv, July 2011
  • Mitzpe Ramon Wakes Up, June 2011
  • Mexicana Review, Tel Aviv, June 2011
  • Six Unique Classes to Join in Israel, May 2011
  • Grape Escape: Israeli Wineries, May 2011
  • Cafe Culture: A Cafe in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for Everyone, May 2011
  • Food Pilgrimage: Eating in Jerusalem, May 2011
  • Colony Review, Jerusalem, May 2011
  • Cordelia Review, Jaffa, May 2011
  • Under the Radar Alternatives to Israel’s Busiest Restaurants, March 2011
  • Chez Eugene Review, Mitzpe Ramon, March 2011
  • Enjoy the Silence: Chez Eugene, Mitzpe Ramon, February 2011
  • Table for Two: Romantic Restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, February 2011
  • Mona Review, Jerusalem, February 2011
  • Soup Kitchen: Where to Get Soup in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, January 2011
  • Dorsia Review, Tel Aviv, January 2011

(This Swedish publication is now defunct)

  • The Story of Leftovers, March 2013
  • Finding Fresh Flavors in Rhodes, March 2013
  • The Cultural and Culinary History of the Meatball, January 2012
  • Discovering Spice in Istanbul, January 2012
  • Global and Seasonal Eating in Israel, November 2012
  • Julia Child: The Life of a Legend, November 2012

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