Recipe Development

As someone who loves to cook – and eat – recipe development projects are among my favorite. I enjoy nothing more than brainstorming ideas, testing recipes until they are clear and replicable, and knowing that I might inspire someone to get into the kitchen. My recipes have appeared in both print and digital publications, for editorial and branded content alike. 

I’ve worked with Serious Eats, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Mealthy, Indiana University Health, and others to create innovative recipes that resonate with readers. My recipes have also appeared in publications like The Joy of KosherThe Forward, and SheKnows.

Katherine Martinelli in the kitchen

In 2011 I released a mini e-cookbook, Puff Pastry at Brunch, which featured 10 original sweet and savory brunch recipes utilizing the infinitely versatile freezer staple of puff pastry. 

“The recipes and content [Katherine] provides are always well-researched and compelling”

~ Ariel Kanter, Serious Eats

Some examples of my recipe work:

Hot dog pho for Serious Eats (photo by Katherine Martinelli)


Regardless of the scope of the project, my attention to detail and focus on creating tasty recipes remains the same. 

If you are interested in partnering, reach out so we can brainstorm ideas and see if I am a good fit for your project. We’ll chat about your vision and specific needs, I’ll provide multiple recipe concepts, and, once we’ve agreed upon the direction of our project, I’ll get testing and won’t stop until I am satisfied that the recipe is as clear, easy to follow, and foolproof as possible. ]