Boneless Buffalo Wings and a Game Day Blog Hop

I'll be upfront: I am not a football fan. But I am brimming with New York pride (Go Giants!) and, although I can't follow a game, I love the Super Bowl. Just not for the football. For me, Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food. And, let's be honest, one food in particular: wings. Or, as my husband and I like to call them, wangs. Our love of wangs (as well as us calling them that) dates back to college. He was in an improv comedy group and after every show they'd blow the proceeds on wings and beer. The wings were always boneless (i.e. chicken tenders coated in wing sauce) and were, without fail, devoured in minutes. And so, somehow, boneless wings have become a sort of comfort food for us.

Boneless Buffalo Wings Recipe

Since Wings Over Ithaca doesn't deliver to Israel, I set about making my own boneless wings this year. I was excited to discover that wing sauce is not some secret alchemy with a long list of ingredients that I can't pronounce (well, I'm sure some supermarket varieties are). Nope, wing sauce is simple: melted butter and Frank's Red Hot. Nice. In a very uncharacteristic move on my part I decided to use frozen chicken fingers instead of breading and frying my own. My reasoning is that commercial, frozen chicken fingers would hold their breading better than homemade, thus allowing them to absorb the wing sauce without the breading falling off or getting mushy. I was right - they proved to be the perfect vehicle for the sauce. A note on the hot sauce. Franks Red Hot is the traditional choice, but I'm sure other varieties would be great as well and provide a different flavor. Also, I can tell you that regular Franks Red Hot made for some mild wings. I made them more recently with Franks Red Hot Xtra Hot and they were perfect. Boneless Buffalo Wings Recipe I also made my own ranch dip for the occasion. Did you know it's sour cream, mayo, herbs, and sometimes buttermilk? Crazy. But it's so much better than the store-bought stuff. I followed this recipe, except I made my own mayonnaise (we don't keep any in the house and on the rare occasions I want it for something I just make some. Takes 5 minutes). But feel free to use the store-bought stuff if you are short on time. Also, if you are a vegetarian I doubt you've read this far, but I'd like to try making these with soy nuggets or some meat-free alternative.
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Boneless Buffalo Wings
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Nothing says game day like wings and these boneless buffalo wings are easy to make at home.
Recipe Type: Appetizer
Yield: 6 servings
  • 1½ pounds frozen chicken tenders
  • ½ cup butter
  • ½ cup Franks Red Hot (I prefer Xtra Hot)
  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Bake tenders 15 minutes, or according to package directions.
  3. Melt the butter over medium-low heat.
  4. Add hot sauce and stir to combine.
  5. Remove from the heat and toss tenders in wing sauce.
  6. Serve with carrot and celery sticks and homemade ranch dip
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  1. Buffalo is definitely the best flavor for game day. We LOVE Frank’s sauce. Thanks for hosting the roundup!

  2. Perfect for Super Bowl Sunday.

  3. Buffalo Wings sound sooo good! Your recipe looks like a good one, too… definitely got my mouth watering. 🙂

    Thanks for the invite, and I’ve uploaded my link.

  4. OH I love the shortcut to a very tasty snack! These look great! None of my teams made it to the SB this year so I’m not really interested in the game, but we’re still headed over to our annual SB party, more for the food and friends than the game. I will be cheering the Giants on! 🙂 I’ll be taking a large bowl of my Sweet and Spicy Pepitas. Thanks for hosting this hop and have a wonderful weekend!

    • I think the food and friends are the best part of a Super Bowl party anyway! Sweet and spicy pepitas sound perfect – thanks for linking up! I’ll need to make these soon.

  5. Love these wings! I just added them to our Super Bowl menu. What a great tip to use frozen chicken fingers. Thanks for the invitation to link up – I’ve added mine to the hop. I look forward to checking out some more recipes.

    So…I’m a Boston girl and I’ll be rooting for the Pats. Can we still be friends? 🙂

    • Yay!! I hope you like them 🙂 They’re so easy it’s really hard to go wrong. And I really never use frozen chicken fingers for anything, but they just work here. Thanks for linking up. And yes, we can still be friends! I suppose 😉

  6. How simple and easy they sound! They look awesome Katherine!

  7. Nice! I imagine these are wonderfully not messy, omitting the bone 🙂 Great idea!

    • Thanks Kiri! They’re still saucy finger food, but they’re definitely way less mess than the typical ones with the bones – and you don’t end up with that pile on your plate!

  8. Just in time! I like that this recipe is so easy to make. One year, I got so tired from making a big spread of super bowl foods that I dozed off during the actual game! Since then, our food for the big game day has gotten a lot simpler. But these “wangs” are totally something I can make!

    • Oh no! I totally sympathize with going overboard. But especially with Super Bowl food simple is better. And it doesn’t get much easier than this!

  9. Game day blog hop is great, I love all these link ups. I will definitely need to come back and get into the details of all of these.
    Your wings look delicious, I really do like boneless better than the others. Also, Franks hot sauce is the perfect choice. Enjoy the Superbowl weekend!

    • Thanks Tina!! I prefer boneless as well. You get all the good part of wings without the mess and bother of the bones. And Franks is the best! I was so happy that it’s readily available in Israel.

  10. These sounds to good. I would probably eat way to many thank goodness I will not be home for football watching as I usually eat to many snacks lol. I will keep these in mind though for another time.

    • Thanks! Haha yeah…my husband and I may have eaten the whole thing once. It was definitely a lot. But we couldn’t stop!

  11. wings are my fav part of superbowl sunday, now i’m def craving them!

    • Me too! I know, as I was writing up my post my husband looked over my shoulder and asked hopefully if we had the makings for these…I’ll definitely be making again soon!

  12. Great snack! The sauce sounds absolutely delicious. I’m not a football fan either but I love to look at all the snack food that’s popping up on blogs around this time of year.

  13. Can I came to the party only for the snacks? and the commercials…

  14. Buffalo wings are perfect finger foods to cheer on game day!! Those look so delish 😀

  15. Me too, I’m not a big foot ball fan but this is the day I cook, eat, and babysit with other mommy friends while husbands watch food ball with beer WITHOUT kids. Your buffalo wings look delish and all these links… amazing! Everyone seems so ready! I have to prepare mine but have been so busy and house is mess! I hope you are having a good weekend Katherine! I’m a bit busy, so let me pass blog hop linking today…

    • That’s sweet that all the moms and kids get together 🙂 Thanks Nami, and don’t worry about linking up you seem super busy!!

  16. I love buffalo wings but I hate having to wear them. I think I’m in love with you or these boneless wings. Maybe both.

  17. Yum! I love the sound of that sauce! I am sure the buffalo wings tasted great! And I also like the idea of having them boneless… it makes it so much easier to serve to guests!

    • Thanks Manu! Yeah, they’re much easier to serve to guests without all the mess. You could even eat them with a fork and knife if you wanted!

  18. Katherine,
    I’m with you on the food- I never watch the game, but boy do we eat. Hopefully, I’ll be sticking to fruit and veggies this year. This was such a great idea. I can’t wait to look through all the recipe links.

  19. I must try your boneless buffalo wings…they sound fabulous!!!! I’ve been trying to come up something for your blog hop…I might have to add a cookie 🙂

  20. Never in my life have I watched a game of American football but that’s probably because I am not, well, American! 😉
    But I read quite often that the food is actually more important than the game. 😉

    Your wAngs look to die for but I’m afraid that you WOULD die if you ate these bad boys on a daily basis – good thing it’s not always Super Bowl. 😉


    • Haha thanks Tobias! Yes, you would certainly die if you ate these every day, but I suppose there are worse ways to go 🙂 And these are delicious football game or not!

  21. Ooh, much easier to eat. Though, that means it’s also easier to eat MORE of them. LOL

  22. Wow these are perfect for game day. Or chick flick day at my house. Lol!

  23. I’m not a football fan either, but these “wangs” are great for any occasion. 🙂 One of my kids would absolutely love these!

  24. Mouthwatering! Would be terrific to go with some beer!

  25. I am not a football fan either. But my husband loves sports. And he is going to watch it at 6:30. he would love to have these spicy buffalo wings with beer.

  26. Even though there is no superbowl here in Australia, I think that I can still make these any old time…and I think I will this weekend!

    • It is so true! Honestly, I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl and make these whenever the craving hits. I hope you enjoy them!

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