A Food Tour of Ramle

Ramle shuk Israel

A few weeks ago I went on a fun foodie outing to a city in Israel called Ramle. Beth (of fabulous food blog Beth Michelle) and I drove up from Be’er Sheva to meet with Liz of Cafe Liz and Sarah of Food Bridge. It’s a fascinating place with a wonderful shuk (market) and a vibrant Indian-Jewish community. I came back with wonderful goodies like curry leaves and tamarind paste! We were in amazing hands with Liz and Sarah, who also happen to lead food tours through Ramle with Israel Food Tours. I have to admit that I’m a little worn out (but happy!) from a week of the in-laws visiting, so I’ll let Sarah and Liz’s blogs and my photos do most of the talking!


Ramle Shuk IsraelPumpkin and cardoons. For a wonderful cardoon recipe check out Sarah’s Cardoon and Meatball Tagine

Artichokes and more in season at the Ramle shuk

Ramle Shuk Israel

A store selling dried fruits and nuts in the shuk and fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice

Ramle Cisterns

Quite possibly my favorite part of the trip to Ramle – The Pool of the Arches, underground cisterns that you can rowboat around. Yup, you can row around all 20-square meters. A quirky, bizarre, wonderful activity. “Who hasn’t heard of Ramle’s Pool of the Arches?” the pamphlet asked…

For more info about Ramle and details on where to eat, shop, and visit check out Liz’s blog post here and Sarah’s blog posts herehere and here.

26 thoughts on “A Food Tour of Ramle

  1. Ann

    What stunning photos! One of my favorite parts of traveling is seeing the markets or grocery stores! Thanks for sharing – it sounded like an amazing time!

    • Katherine

      Thanks Ann! My favorite part of traveling is also always the markets. And I love being able to travel around Israel and experience such different ones so close to home.

    • Katherine

      Thanks Judee! Ramle is definitely off the beaten path for most tourists to Israel, but my friends give a great tour and it’s interesting to experience such an unusual mixing of Arab, Indian-Jewish, and Sephardi/Ashkenazi Jewish cultures.

  2. Mary

    Oh my goodness, I would have bought way too many of those awesome looking dried fruits! What a beautiful spot. The pool of the arches looks amazing.

    • Katherine

      It’s so fun to get together with other foodies, and luckily in Israel there are plenty. I’ve made great friends in this way, and they always show me the best stuff 🙂

  3. mjskit

    What great pictures of Ramle! I know I’ll never get there so I do appreciate the tour. The Poole of the Arches looks like a must! and no, I had never heard of it until now. Looks like you had a fabulous day!

    • Katherine

      Thank you MJ! I had never heard of the Pool of the Arches either, which is why the brochure’s statement was so funny! It’s really not a big attraction, and is a funny little site, but one of those quirky things that’s fun to do.

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