Friday Shout-Out: Peaches, and the (Unofficial) End of Summer

Although fall doesn’t officially start in the Northern hemisphere until September 23 this year, this weekend – Labor Day weekend – marks the de facto end of summer. It used to mean nervous anticipation, back to school outfits (how many hours did we all spend picking out that first day ensemble?!), clean notebooks and sharpened pencils.

In recent years it was a reprieve from hectic, 12-hour days when summer was the busiest, craziest, most sleep-deprived, least fun time of year. My friends and I would load into cars and trains and even a vespa to rendezvous at a house on the Long Island Sound for an extended weekend of revelry, puzzles, barbecues, pancakes, homemade ice cream cake, yoga in the grass, and wheelbarrow races in the sand. Our mascot was an inflatable giraffe named Sergei. This is the first year in many that I am missing it and I am just a little sad. (Of course, having the best friends in the world last year we created a new holiday in July, called Flabor Day – fake Labor Day – where we try to recreate some of the fun while my husband and I are home in New York.)


But enough rambling and nostalgia. I have a new feature to share with you! I’m calling it the Friday-Shout Out and it does what so many other blogs already do – shout out their peers. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but was moved to action this week by the sheer number of striking, varied peach recipes I noticed popping up on my favorite blogs. And what better way to bid farewell to summer than with a nimiety of peach recipes. I’m hoping that this will be a regular thing, but for now let’s promise that the Friday Shout Out will be at least an occasional thing – that way I’m not breaking my word when I forget next week.

In addition to these great peach recipes, these are some of my favorite food blogs that I check out regularly so be sure to stop by and see what other mouth-watering concoctions they’ve cooked up.

Beyond the Plate: Just listen to the title of this dish: Peach Tart With Pistachio Streusel & Mascarpone Cream. I think that’s enough said. Danielle of Beyond the Plate always impresses me with her sensational food photography and mouth watering recipes, but she down-right seduced me with this one.

Chocolate and Figs: If you saw Jayne’s guest post on my blog last month with a recipe for stunning rakott palacsinta, then you’ve already discovered that she is the Queen of Desserts. So it’s no surprise that she’s devised this dazzling Chocolate Tart with Peach-Flavored Pastry Cream as an elegant way to “present your last hurrah peaches of the season”.

Confections of a Foodie Bride: I always love Jason and Shawnda’s recipes over at Confections of a Foodie Bride, but this week they’ve just knocked it out of the park. This includes TWO devastatingly appetizing – and easy! – peach recipes. The Peach Freezer Jam doesn’t even require you to turn on the stove and today’s Honey-Glazed Chicken, Peach, and Sweet-Potato Skewers make me want to run out and buy a grill.

Herbivoracious: I’m a sucker for any dessert with sour cream as an ingredient, and so I predictably went nuts for Michael Natkin’s Peach and Sour Cream Buckle over at Herbivoraceous. Every recipe I’ve made from his inspiring vegetarian cooking blog (like this Mujadara) has been a success and I am dying to try this one out.

Kitchen Riffs: I turn to Kitchen Riffs for appetizing, straightforward recipes that reflect the kind of food I want to eat and make on a daily basis. His instructions are always clear and he offers tons of helpful notes at the end. This week’s All-American Easy Peach Cobbler with fool-proof drop biscuits has my stomach grumbling once again.

Did you make or see any other mouth-watering peach recipes this week? What’s your favorite way to savor the last peaches of summer? Leave a comment and let me know!

24 thoughts on “Friday Shout-Out: Peaches, and the (Unofficial) End of Summer

  1. juniakk @mis pensamientos

    the best peaches are in the month of august in Michigan! they are so ripe and the juices literally fall down your arms as you bite into it! they have a different type of peach every week in the month of aug and ppl fly in just for peach season!

  2. kitchenriffs

    I’m honored you included a link to my Peach Cobbler recipe! Thank you!

    I really like the idea of a Friday shout-out. There are a lot of terrific bloggers out there writing great, interesting recipes. I may borrow your idea (which of course you borrowed!).

    Anyway, thanks again – really interesting post.

    • Katherine

      Haha it’s totally cool! I used to be a teacher, I know how it goes. It was always fun picking out that first outfit! Hope you enjoy these recipes, and have a good start to the school year!!! Enjoy your last few days of summer vacation πŸ™‚

  3. Sandra's Easy Cooking

    Believe it or not today at my Dr. appointment, what girl to do other than read loads of cooking magazines :))), I stumbled across great recipe for peaches..ok to cut the story short they were grilled than those halves filled with cheesecake filling…You can imagine the rest:))
    Your round up sound delicious, will check them out!

  4. Manu

    I love peaches and I can’t wait for peach season to start over here… we are already getting into mango season… so I have great hopes! πŸ˜‰ All the recipes you mentioned look delicious and I will make sure to check them out in detail when I get my hands on some peaches!

    • Katherine

      Oh man your peach dumplings look amazing! I really do like sour cream πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing that recipe! And family recipes are the best. And you totally can’t celebrate too much.

  5. Biren @ Roti n Rice

    Friday Shout-out sounds like a wonderful idea! Those peachy desserts sound wonderful. While I really like fall, I am a little sad that the summer went by so quickly. Glad you were able to share Flabor Day with your friends. πŸ™‚

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