Friday Shout-Out: Peaches, and the (Unofficial) End of Summer

Although fall doesn’t officially start in the Northern hemisphere until September 23 this year, this weekend – Labor Day weekend – marks the de facto end of summer. It used to mean nervous anticipation, back to school outfits (how many hours did we all spend picking out that first day ensemble?!), clean notebooks and sharpened pencils. Continue reading “Friday Shout-Out: Peaches, and the (Unofficial) End of Summer”

Stone Fruit Tea Cake

Is there anything better than stone fruit season? Peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums, apricots – what beautiful abundance! Their appearance signals the start of summer, the onset of warm weather and all the carefree fun that comes with it. Barbecues, beaches, picnics, and pools. Outdoor concerts, muggy nights, ice pops, and laying in the grass. Long, sunny days. A welcome rainfall. No school. Watermelon and fried chicken. Stone fruit. Biting into the ripe, sweet fruit, the juice dripping down your arm, sucking on the pit. Summer. Continue reading “Stone Fruit Tea Cake”