Salmon with Jerusalem Artichoke Puree and Herb Sauce

Salmon with Jerusalem Artichoke Puree and Herb Sauce

Jerusalem artichoke season is coming to an end (they’re still at the market in Israel – what about the rest of the world?), so I knew I had to get this recipe up soon. This recipe for salmon with Jerusalem artichoke puree and herb sauce is an elegant, restaurant-quality meal that’s ready in under an hour – I swear! Salmon filets are brushed with a mixture of honey, Dijon mustard and curry powder and seared. Jerusalem artichokes (i.e. sunchokes) are simmered and pureed with butter and warm cream. And, for the finishing choice cilantro and mint are blended with olive oil for a sauce full of fresh flavor. Continue reading “Salmon with Jerusalem Artichoke Puree and Herb Sauce”

Guest Post: Scallops with Carrot Ambrosia and Winter Pesto

Seared Scallops with Carrot and Pesto from Shut Up and Cook

With Christmas already over (how did that happen?!) and new years fast approaching, it’s a busy time of year for all of us. Now add into the mix the fact that four of my best friends are visiting from the States (!!!!!!!) and we’ve got me in pure roadrunner mode. Fortunately, I have great friends to step in and give me a hand – like Erina from Shut up and Cook! The Attainable Gourmet. (You may recall that I did a guest post over there not too long ago.) It’s perfect since the friends visiting went to college with Erina and I – it all feels very full circle. Anyway, Erina has brought us some amazing looking scallops to ring in the new year, which is perfect since scallops are one of the foods I miss most from home! Without further ado, I give you Erina:

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Julia Child’s Poached Salmon with Cucumber Sauce for #SundaySupper and #CookForJulia

If Julia Child were alive today, the Grande Dame of French cuisine would have been 100 this month. To honor this, Sunday Supper is teaming up with PBS to cook for Julia today. I’ve made a number of her recipes before, but more than anything it has been her words that have inspired me. Her memoir, My Life in France, is witty and humble, a love story between herself and her husband Paul, as well as her discovery of the joy of cooking. Julia Child’s personality always comes through in her cookbooks in a way that is rare and enviable. In her directions for poaching fish she says, “Fish that is resistant and flaky is overdone – too bad!”

Julia Child's Poached Salmon with Cucumber Sauce

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Shrimp Curry and a Seafood Blog Hop

I’m not sure when coconut curries became one of my meal staples, showing up almost weekly on my dinner table. It’s not difficult, though, to see why I keep coming back to this Thai-inspired dish: it’s easy, fast (ready in under 30 minutes), and infinitely adaptable. I can make a delicious curry with a can of coconut milk and whatever vegetables and/or proteins I have in my fridge. I often make tofu curry packed with vegetables. Sometimes I throw in some chopped pineapple or peanuts. A side of rice makes it a complete meal, and one that’s even better the next day, heated up for lunch. Usually I make no record of my recipe, and instead just throw everything together, knowing that the ingredients will work their magic (a la this post from early in this blog’s life).

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Guest Post: Fish Tacos

I am very happy to be guest posting at My Jerusalem Kitchen today. If you haven’t visited Lauren’s blog, then head over there right now and check it out! She has all kinds of delicious, often Mediterannean-inspired recipes that I know you’ll love. Lauren lived in Jerusalem for two years before moving back to San Francisco to attend law school. We met virtually through our blogs and began corresponding by email before we realized that we had met in real life before! Apparently we sat next to each other at a restaurant in Jerusalem last year where Lauren was celebrating her birthday. We even shared a birthday shot, care of the bartender. Small world indeed!

Fish Tacos

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Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict and a Mother’s Day Blog Hop

Mother’s Day is a little over a week away, but I wanted to have a Mother’s Day blog hop today in order to give plenty of time for menu planning and inspiration. Back home Mother’s Day is usually one of my favorite days of the year. Usually my mom, sister, and I use it as an excuse for a girls’ day out. We go to the zoo or botanic gardens, get mani-pedis or enjoy a leisurely brunch, stroll through a museum or go shopping (and yes, we’ve done all of those things on Mother’s Days past).

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

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Halibut with Zucchini en Papillote and a Fish Blog Hop

Halibut en Papillote

If your new year’s resolution had anything to do with a healthier diet, then this simple, elegant dish is a good place to start. I absolutely adore halibut for its delicate, clean flavor and firm texture. And its nutritional benefits are through the roof – super low in fat and calories, halibut is an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin b12, and more. Cooking en papillote – or in a parchment paper bundle – is a great way to seal in these nutrients without introducing a lot of extra fats to your meal. You simply put whatever you’d like to cook, along with a bit of liquid and flavor if you like, into a pack made of parchment, seal it, and bake. The result is a healthy meal that is more flavorful than simply steaming but just as healthy. Continue reading “Halibut with Zucchini en Papillote and a Fish Blog Hop”

Sole with Tomatoes and Basil

You’re not going to believe how easy this recipe is. It takes moments to prepare and just 10 to 15 minutes to cook. And it tastes like pure summertime. Sole is one of the fish varieties readily available here (yes, sadly in the frozen section) so I have been cooking a lot with it (remember the Sole Meuniere?). While I usually pan fry it, I got the yen to bake it. Beth had shared some of her beautiful purple basil with me and I was inspired. Continue reading “Sole with Tomatoes and Basil”

Classic Sole Meunière

Sole Meunière has long been a classic, a staple of French cuisine, proof to the elegance that can be found in the simplicity of a few fine ingredients. And although she in no way invented or discovered it, Sole Meunière was undoubtedly immortalized by Julia Child who fondly recalled it as her first meal in France, and a life changing moment. This single, simple meal introduced to her by her husband Paul Child seemed to awaken in her a culinary grumbling, bringing to life her palate and gastronomic imagination. And with good reason. Those of you who aspire to be like Child may enjoy online cooking schools. Continue reading “Classic Sole Meunière”

Shrimp and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya

I had Jambalaya on the brain for weeks before I made it. The idea was stewing, marinating. It began with the andouille chicken sausages that Evan’s parents brought us from the States. Not exactly something that is readily available in Israel (why oh why haven’t kosher chicken sausages caught on here?). I hoarded them, doling them out slowly, a few to go with pasta for a quick meal here, a few for a barbecue there. But the whole time I knew what I was really saving them for: gumbo or jambalaya, those two staples of Cajun cuisine, hearty, filling, flavorful one pot meals that could satiate the most epic hunger. Continue reading “Shrimp and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya”