The Best Homemade Pizza Recipe Ever

The Best, Easiest Homemade Pizza Recipe Ever

I’d heard tell of Andy’s amazing homemade pizzas, and knew firsthand just how passionate he is about food, and pizza in particular. But tasting is believing and the other night I had the good fortune to sit in on Andy’s new pizza making class based out of his home in Be’er Sheva, Israel. Andy, a friend and fellow Anglo in Israel, has spent a lot of time reading and experimenting, all in the name of making the ultimate, Italian pizzeria-quality pizza at home. And he’s succeeded. Using no special equipment and a standard stove and oven, Andy has figured out (with the help of Jim Lahey’s no-knead dough recipe) how to make the best Neopolitan-style homemade pizza I’ve had. And he makes it look so easy!


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Arancini (Rice Balls) and a Rice Blog Hop

Arancini (Rice Balls)

I didn’t think I could love risotto more than I already did. But take leftover risotto, roll it into rice balls, stuff them with cheese, bread and deep fry and you’ve got an entirely new beast. Called arancini (which means little oranges in Italian), this Sicilian specialty is a vegetarian bar snack worth trying. They’re crispy on the outside with a melty, gooey surprise in the middle. And they’re way easier to make than you may think. They require cold risotto so it’s the perfect use for leftovers (and in fact I developed this recipe for an article on leftovers for the next issue of TreeFree Food). Continue reading “Arancini (Rice Balls) and a Rice Blog Hop”

Guest Post: Orecchiette with Leeks and a Leek Blog Hop

Orecchiette with Leeks and Ricotta and a Leek Blog Hop

Today I’m doing a guest post over at Shut Up and Cook: The Attainable Gourmet, and I hope you’ll stop by and check it out. Besides the recipe for orecchiette with leeks and ricotta (yes, it’s as good as it sounds and easy as can be!), Erina’s blog is just a joy to explore. I’ve known Erina since college, when she was one of the stars of the all female a cappella group, The Accents. After graduation she moved out West to Seattle, where she’s been ever since, making her mark on the city. Last time I was in town (it’s been a few years now…) we met up for happy hour wine and appetizers and had a blast. We’ve since become cross-continental pen pals, sharing scores of emails back and forth about food, blogging, and careers in food. Continue reading “Guest Post: Orecchiette with Leeks and a Leek Blog Hop”

Garlic Bread Buttermilk Biscuits

This month I left my Secret Recipe Club recipe until the very last minute – I made it yesterday. I don’t usually leave it to the end like that, but besides having a busy month, I also just couldn’t decide what to make. So many recipes on my assigned blog, Cookin’ Mimi, called out to me. Finally, though, I declared these garlic bread buttermilk biscuits the winner and set to work. These buttery, garlicky biscuits are made almost entirely with pantry staples (I only needed to pick up buttermilk) and are ready from start to finish in about 30 minutes. I totally agree with Mimi when she says that “Piping hot breads and rolls are one of my favorite parts of dinner time.” Besides, garlic bread is one of my husband’s all time favorite foods, so I knew he’d love this recipe.

Garlic Bread Buttermilk Biscuits

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Saffron Lasagna ~ Lasagna alla Zafferano from A Family Farm in Tuscany

As an Italian-American, I’ve eaten plenty of lasagna in my day. But none like this. I’m used to layers of noodles and sauce that are cemented with mounds of cheese. This authentic Italian lasagna, however, relies primarily on a saffron-hued béchamel sauce to act as the glue. There’s no mozzarella, no ricotta. Just grated Parmesan, meat sauce, and a luscious besciamella made with butter, flour, milk and saffron. It’s as decadent and comforting as any lasagna you’ll encounter, and the addition of saffron makes it special enough for any holiday or occasion.

Lasagna alla Zatterano ~ Saffron Lasagna

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Easy Homemade Pizza and a Pizza Blog Hop

As soon as I saw this no rise, practically no knead pizza dough recipe on the web I knew I had to try it out (you’ve probably seen it too – it’s got over 84,000 pins on Pinterest!). This easy pizza seemed too good to be true and had an intriguing secret ingredient: Yogurt. I love adding yogurt to everything from baked goods to pasta dishes, and from salad dressings to sauces to make them creamier, healthier, and tastier. But in pizza crust? But wait. It gets better. Besides the yogurt there’s only one other ingredient: Self-rising flour. Two ingredients and five minutes. I had to make it to believe it.

Easy Homemade Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Garlic and Sweet Potatoes

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Pasta with Ricotta and Brussels Sprouts

Although I didn’t grow up eating Brussels sprouts, as an adult I’ve fallen in love with them. And, while I make them often, I’ve only posted one Brussels sprouts recipe on the blog. I knew I had to change that. Fortunately I came across this easy and delicious pasta with ricotta and Brussels sprouts recipe from Culinary Adventures with Camilla, my assigned blog for this month’s Secret Recipe Club.

When I first got my SRC assignment, I spent a long time going through Camilla’s posts and quickly became enamored with her creative recipes. I love that she includes her two adorable sons in the cooking process, and isn’t afraid to introduce them to new foods. I especially like her international series, Cooking Around the World with Camilla, in which she and her boys are cooking their way through all the countries of the world from A to Z. It’s an amazing way to learn about the world, and is a practice I hope to borrow in the future.

Pasta with Ricotta and Brussels Sprouts

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Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta and a Tomato Blog Hop

Bruschetta was one of the first dishes I taught myself to make. I was only just learning to love tomatoes, and I remember preparing batches freshman year in the communal dorm “kitchen”. It was equipped with a fridge, sink, and microwave, so no-cook recipes were key. As soon as the first hint of spring warmth hit I’d walk, bike or get a ride to the grocery store and pick up fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, and a nice crusty loaf of bread. That’s all that’s needed for this crowd-pleasing appetizer that tastes of summer.

Tomato and Onion Bruschetta

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Ricotta Gnocchi and a Cheese Blog Hop

If you’ve ever been too intimidated to make your own pasta, gnocchi is a great place to start. And if regular potato gnocchi seems like too much work, well ricotta gnocchi is the way to go. This Italian pasta dumpling has three – yes just THREE! – ingredients and doesn’t require the use of a pasta maker. You just mix together ricotta, flour, and an egg and gently knead it until it comes together. After a brief rest in the fridge, you roll the dough into snakes and cut into gnocchi of whatever size you like. Cook in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes and you’re done.

Homemade ricotta gnocchi ~

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Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil, and Spinach Frittata and an Egg Blog Hop

Tomato, mozzarella, and basil comprises one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations. It always makes for a reliable panini, is perfect served on its own as an appetizer, and is fun to play around with (as in here, here, and here). Combine this with the fact that I’ve been obsessed with my new cast iron pan (as evidenced here and here) and it was only a matter of time before this frittata came about. Of course, one of the things I so adore about frittatas, like omelets, is their versatility so really and truly you can put anything you have on hand into this baked egg breakfast. Here I’ve added fresh spinach for nutrition and flavor!

Frittata with Tomatoes, Basil, Spinach and Mozzarella

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