Guest Post: Fattoush Salad


I have a special treat for you today! Actually, two special treats. I don’t think I’ve done this in the history of my blog, but today I will be double posting. I may have, er, double booked myself slightly. First up is this fattoush salad recipe and a guest post over at the wonderful Ang Sarap. If you haven’t visited Raymund’s incredible blog, then I highly recommend you head over there right now. Originally from the Philippines and living in New Zealand, Raymund makes wonderful, inspiring recipes from around the world. He’s introduced me to many new dishes, and I always love his spin on familiar ones. It doesn’t hurt that his photography is stunning as well!


Raymund and I met through World on a Plate (remember my meatballs and picnic post?), where we each share recipes from our native countries each month. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Raymund asked me to guest post. Although he suggested making something representative of where I’m from, I’ve opted instead for a recipe from my current home. Living in Israel I have spent the last two years being introduced to new flavors, ingredients, and dishes and it was love at first bite. Israelis are diehard salad eaters, even with breakfast, and fattoush is one of my favorites.

Get the fattoush recipe and read the rest of the post at Ang Sarap HERE >>


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