Guest Post: Hummus and Mahane Yehuda Market

When Shulie over at Food Wanderings asked me to do a guest post as part of her Israel Series, I was beyond honored. Shulie is Indian Jewish, grew up in Israel, and now lives in the United States. Her blog is simply gorgeous and is filled with incredible recipes that reflect her unique background. We’ve become great Twitter friends as well, and I urge you to find her on Twitter at @foodwanderings and on Facebook. I decided to write about my favorite culinary destination in Israel: Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market. And, because Shulie wanted an Israeli recipe to accompany it I selected one of the most Israeli recipes in the book: hummus.


You’ll have to head over to Food Wanderings for the post and recipe, but I’ll give you two tips for making authentic hummus at home. The first trick is to use dried chickpeas. Yes, this requires soaking them overnight and then simmering them for a few hours, but it’s mostly hands off, and it’s totally worth it. I used to make hummus using canned chickpeas and I can tell you it’s a huge difference. Second, use the best quality tahina you can find.

Now, for a little tour of Mahane Yehuda and a delicious hummus recipe, hop over to Food Wanderings and check it out. B’teyavon! (Bon Appetite!)

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17 thoughts on “Guest Post: Hummus and Mahane Yehuda Market

  1. Annapet

    What a beautiful collaboration, ladies!

    Just like Yuri {@chefpandita} and Anunradha {@bakerstreet29}, I wanted to visit the shuk right after reading your Guest Post at Foodwanderings. And of course, I scrolled back up and down to enjoy the photos ;-).

  2. Reese@SeasonwithSpice

    Hi Katherine – was reading up hummus on the web and came to your site. See that you’re connected to Nami too. Love the presentation of this hummus – keeping the whole roasted with the mashed up chickpeas all in one bowl. Exactly what I’d love in my hummus. Great inspiration for all who have a thing for hummus! You have a great site too.

    • Katherine

      Thank you Tami! I hope you enjoy it 🙂 I used to think dried chickpeas would be a pain, but it’s so easy since almost all of the time soaking and simmering them is completely hands off!

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  4. Holly

    Hi Katherine! Just wanted to let you know that I followed your recipe (with a few additions!) to make my Secret Recipe Club choice for this month. I loved going through your recipe archives – so much to choose from and you have a beautiful site! Thanks!

    Holly @

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