Friday Shout-Out and Blog Hop: Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner the blogosphere has been abuzz with cute and crafty Halloween snacks and drinks. After a two week hiatus my Friday shout-out is back along with the blog hop so you all can share your best Halloween recipes. Although Israelis do not celebrate Halloween, we (meaning myself and my lovely student-based expat community) insist on honoring it nonetheless. Last year my friend and fellow food blogger Beth threw a full-scale costume party. We imported candy corn and cobwebs from loved ones in the US and made finger-shaped cookies, orange-sprinkled cupcakes, and put eyeballs in the hummus. We marched to our friend’s house dressed as zombies and American television characters, Mormons and Ninja Turtles, Minnie Mouse and Mr. T.

While Israeli Jews celebrate Purim—a similar dress-up holiday—they react to costumed people in October the same way Americans would in March: with more than a little bewilderment. So it’s no surprise that we were met with amusement when we pranced into the dance club late at night, make-up smeared and costumes askew. The Israeli revelers asked, earnestly, if one girl dressed as a female pharaoh was a Bedouin. They asked another friend, also sincerely, if we were part of a psychology experiment. No one was sure what to make of us. But we all had a great time and dance dance dance danced the night away. Tonight it's time once again for our Halloween party in Be'er Sheva. I'm sure we will get the same strange looks, but we're used to it. As usual I've left my costume to the last minute, but I'm thinking I will be a hipster chef: thick, black-framed glasses, jeans, undershirt, Crocs, apron, and lots of tattoos (drawn on with marker) on my arms. Eh? What will you be for Halloween? And, more importantly, what will you be eating? Here are some cute ideas I've seen on the web this week. Won't you share yours?

Hot Polka Dot made adorable Almond Witch Finger Cookies, which are a great Halloween treat. They're simply cookies formed to look like fingers, with an almond sliver to act as the nail but the effect is simply spooky. Beth and I actually made these last year for Halloween, but I have to say Hot Polka Dot's rendition looks even better. I love The Mom Chef's Bittersweet Chocolate Skeleton Cookies because she's found another use for gingerbread man cookie cutters! To make them look like skeletons, simply add some bones with royal icing. I also like that these are "grown-up" cookies with a deep, bittersweet flavor that's not too sweet. Over at Cookin' Canuck Dara has come up with an adorable Vampire Punch with Lime Sherbert. The glasses are rimmed with oozing fake blood made from corn syrup and red food coloring, which is a nice, creepy touch. And the punch sounds delicious! The recipe is for virgin punch, but Dara suggests spiking it with vodka for a more adult beverage. Manu of Manu's Menu came up with all kinds of quick and easy Halloween treats - not bad for someone who didn't celebrate Halloween as a child! Check out her Marshmallow Ghosts, Strawberry Ghosts and Marzipan Pumpkins. I especially love the white-chocolate dipped strawberries that are decorated to look like ghosts. How cute is that?! Finally, Serious Eats' Carrie Vasios cooked up some fun Halloween entertaining ideas, with Deviled Egg Eyeballs, Pumpkin Shaped Cheddar Crackers, and Ghostly Cupcakes. I particularly have my eye on those cheddar crackers, just for whenever. Your turn!


  1. Those are some AMAZING Halloweenie dishes! So exciting 🙂 Thanks for hosting the blog hop!


    • Aren’t they creative! I’m so looking forward to seeing what everyone else links up 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. if i’d known i would have sent you the fake tattoo sleeve i bought for halloween this yr!

    • Oh man!!! That would have been so perfect! Then I wouldn’t have to cover my arm in marker… oh well. That’s what I get for coming up with a costume this morning!

  3. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love all of the treats that show up this time of year.

  4. Great Post Katherine! Greeks do not celebrate Halloween.. It’s my first year here in Toronto so I’m thinking to stay back and see.. although with those exciting recipes and pictures I might try to do something..!

    • That is so exciting that you get to celebrate your first Halloween this year! I think you will have a lot of fun 🙂

  5. Katherine,
    I love all of your shares about life in Israel. I’ve been there during Purim and it was quite the fun! I didn’t make anything to eat for Halloween, but I linked a carrot and dip pumpkin party idea that I found on Pinterest.

    • Yes, Purim here is a blast! I celebrated my first Purim last year and really it’s a lot like Halloween, but minus the scary parts which is fine by me! Thanks for linking up the carrot and pumpkin dip!

  6. If this post does not put you in the mood for making some Halloween goodies, I do not know what will! Thanks for putting all these links together. Kudos to you for still having the holiday spirit in spite of the area in which you live not having this as their holiday. Great blog hop!

    • Thank you Tina! Looking at all of these great ideas definitely put me in the spirit as well. We had an amazing Halloween party and you should have seen some of the creative costumes – and the looks we got walking down the street! 😀

  7. So many yummy things! Thanks for letting us link up. I added a few.

  8. What great Halloween eats. Here’s wishing you a spook-tacular time. 😉

  9. Oh man.. everyone is so creative! Even you give me let’s say 1-2 days to work on it, I tell you I can’t make anything like this!! I enjoyed checking out every Halloween treats here.

    • I don’t believe that for a second Nami! You are so creative and talented. But I agree there are some great ideas here! Happy Halloween 😀

  10. That sounds like so much fun!

  11. Since I may not be able to get a really spooky Halloween post up this year, I linked one from last year. Such a great idea, Katherine, some really great Halloween treats being showcased!

  12. That is so funny you guys get dressed up and go out to the club! I love the idea of a hipster chef, that is perfect! You have some great link ups. Unfortunately, I didn’t make anything Halloweeny this year.

    • Haha I know, it is pretty silly. This year I skipped the club portion but still got plenty of looks piling into a cab with a black swan and Diana Ross to go to our friend’s party! 🙂 I actually didn’t make anything Halloweeny this year either but these are all great inspiration for next year!

  13. So glad you came by my site so I could find yours!

  14. Thank you so much for inviting me to the blog hop. There are so many delicious Halloween recipes. I especially love the finger cookies and vampire punch!!

    • I’m so glad you came by! And I’m especially glad you submitted those awesome spider cupcakes! They’re great 😀

  15. OMG.. such amazing spooky ones 🙂 Wish i could share some too!

  16. LOL I can only imagine the looks you would get going around dressed up in a costume where people are not celebrating Halloween! So funny! 🙂 I hope you had a fantastic time this year too… can’t wait to hear about it!
    THANK YOU sooooo much for including my Halloween treats in such a great shout out! I love all the recipes you have in here! 🙂

    • Haha it was definitely funny! We had a lot of fun again this year – more crazy looks 😀 And I was so happy to include your treats – they are so cute!! I’ll have to give them a try next year!

  17. So glad you liked them, Katherine 🙂 Better served on plastic forks, though, as I lost 7 silver forks at the party I served them at! LOL

    On another note, I’m glad you’re ok after seeing your tweet about the rocket attack yesterday.I tweeted you right after you tweered about it, but you must have missed it. *hugs*

    • Haha, good call!! Thank you so much for your note. I did see it and meant to respond! I was a little shaken. We’re pretty used to that kind of stuff here but it was the first time I was outside and I wasn’t near a shelter, so it freaked me out. Your message made me smile, thank you! It means a lot 😀

  18. I love all the terrific Halloween recipes you share here! And I was smiling reading about your Halloween adventures in Israel. How was this year’s party? (Your costume must have been a hit!)

  19. Hello! 1st time here. And I totally love it! 🙂 Love your site design, your posts, photographs & everything about your blog!!

    Kavi | Edible Entertainment
    Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

  20. I am bit late.. Halloween is over :)) Everything look so good, and I love of cuteness of each creation!

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