Thai Coconut Soup and a Coconut Blog Hop

When Liz pointed out the lone stand with lemongrass in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market a few months ago, I immediately became excited. It’s one of those ingredients that some of my favorite recipes call. It can be omitted, but you always get the sense that something is missing. You don’t need a whole lot of lemongrass to get the impact, and so Liz and I split a bunch and I quickly...
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Shrimp Curry and a Seafood Blog Hop

I’m not sure when coconut curries became one of my meal staples, showing up almost weekly on my dinner table. It’s not difficult, though, to see why I keep coming back to this Thai-inspired dish: it’s easy, fast (ready in under 30 minutes), and infinitely adaptable. I can make a delicious curry with a can of coconut milk and whatever vegetables and/or proteins I have in my...
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Som Ta – Green Papaya Salad and a South Asian-Inspired Blog Hop

When Liz and I saw green papayas at Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, I knew two things: That I had to have one, and that I would make Som Ta (Thai Green Papaya Salad) with it. Although I have yet to visit Thailand (it’s on the top of my massive travel bucket list!), this salad is one of my favorite things to order at Thai restaurants. Fresh, shredded green papaya is tossed with tomatoes, string...
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Tofu Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce and Awards

I’ve mentioned my love of Thai food many, many times on this blog (like here and here) and I continue to miss it in Israel. One of my favorite appetizers to order is chicken satay, and I’ve long wanted to recreate this at home. Finally, it happened. With tofu. And then the next night, because it was so good, with chicken. And the dipping sauce, made with coconut milk and peanut...
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Curry Puffs: A Take Out Mainstay, At Home

At home in New York, I was accustomed to ordering Thai food on any given night when I was too tired to cook, rainy evenings, lazy Saturday afternoons, you name it. Curry Puffs and Pad See Ew have developed into serious comfort food for my husband and I. Now, living in Israel, Thai food is hard to come by. In Be’er Sheva there isn’t a single Thai restaurant, and I’ve been known to lug...
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Curry and Spice and Everything Nice

I have been making a lot of soup lately. Way more than usual. It’s just so good, so easy, and it’s usually even better the next day. I often make soup on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons, before Hebrew class from 5-8pm. That way I have something warm and tasty to come home to. I’ve made chicken, mushroom, cauliflower, tortilla, you name it. This time I wanted something a little...
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Free Form Coconut Curry

When you need a quick weeknight meal with a little spice (literally) consider a coconut curry in place of your old stir fry or pasta standby. Ideal for a weeknight supper, curries can be made using whatever vegetables and protein you have on hand. Although your pantry might not be stocked with coconut milk and curry paste (mine are, no surprise there) they’re easy enough to purchase and are...
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Shortcut Pad Thai

In New York comfort means ordering in Thai food. That was the worst part of living in the Bronx – no Thai delivery. We had to go down to 86th Street if we wanted curry puffs. I was so nervous about being deprived of Thai food that my friends Sam and Manissa cooked me a huge spicy Thai dinner for my going away party. It was the perfect send-off. And fortunately getting Asian ingredients in...
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