Marak Kubbeh Adom, a Taste of Iraqi-Jewish Tradition

Prior to moving to Israel, I had never had Iraqi-Jewish cuisine. But in the brimming aisles of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market there is an Iraqi-Jewish enclave with tons of restaurants serving traditional fare. Kubbeh (also called kibbe) is one of those dishes. It’s beautiful, it’s addictive, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever had. Sort of a beet and beef-stuffed matzoh ball soup. Continue reading “Marak Kubbeh Adom, a Taste of Iraqi-Jewish Tradition”

Samosas with Loquat-Onion Chutney

Samosas were probably the first Indian food I fell in love with. How could you not? Perfectly fried triangles of curried potato and peas in a crispy shell are the ideal snack, almost any time. In college I studied abroad in India and fell even deeper for Indian flavors, although what we in America think of as Indian food is a little different. I’ve been making samosas ever since I’ve had my own kitchen, over 10 years, and they are always crowd pleasers. Continue reading “Samosas with Loquat-Onion Chutney”

Curry Puffs: A Take Out Mainstay, At Home

At home in New York, I was accustomed to ordering Thai food on any given night when I was too tired to cook, rainy evenings, lazy Saturday afternoons, you name it. Curry Puffs and Pad See Ew have developed into serious comfort food for my husband and I. Now, living in Israel, Thai food is hard to come by. In Be’er Sheva there isn’t a single Thai restaurant, and I’ve been known to lug home Thai take-out from a reputable restaurant in Tel Aviv (which is an hour and a half away). Continue reading “Curry Puffs: A Take Out Mainstay, At Home”

Spiced Pots de Créme with Candied Bacon and Maple Cream

The inspiration for this pots de créme actually came from the fondue challenge on Food52. I submitted a savory fondue, but couldn’t stop thinking about what I would make for a sweet one. As someone who typically prefers potato chips over chocolate, I knew it would need a salty element to satisfy my salty-sweet tooth. The following week’s challenge was a pudding recipe and, with the encouragement of a fellow Food52 member, I decided on the combo of chocolate, chile and bacon. Continue reading “Spiced Pots de Créme with Candied Bacon and Maple Cream”

A Weeknight Champagne Sauce

The recipe is inspired by a recent meal I had at Cordelia restaurant in Old Jaffo in Tel Aviv. They served me a ricotta and spinach-stuffed tortelloni with shrimp and Champagne butter sauce (essentially a Champagne buerre blanc) that made me swoon. This is my attempt at a weeknight version of that seductive dish. The sauce is subtle in flavor and buttery, while the shallots absorb the Champagne flavor and lend some bite to the dish. Continue reading “A Weeknight Champagne Sauce”

Steakhouse Dinner Redux

Evan and I enjoy a nice steak. Years ago we went to a cooking class for Evan’s birthday called “The Great American Steakhouse.” Evan proposed to me in a steakhouse. After he took the Bar Exam we went to Peter Luger’s and, stuffed, walked home across the Wiliamsburg Bridge. Every Christmas Eve we look forward to my father’s filet mignon roast. Steak equals celebration. So when Evan told me he wanted Chicken Parmesan for his birthday dinner, I smiled and started plotting a steakhouse meal for the night before. Continue reading “Steakhouse Dinner Redux”