Thai Coconut Soup and a Coconut Blog Hop

Tom Kha Hed (Thai Coconut and Mushroom Soup)

When Liz pointed out the lone stand with lemongrass in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market a few months ago, I immediately became excited. It’s one of those ingredients that some of my favorite recipes call. It can be omitted, but you always get the sense that something is missing. You don’t need a whole lot of lemongrass to get the impact, and so Liz and I split a bunch and I quickly began thinking of how to put it to good use. In an instant I knew: Coconut mushroom soup, or Tom Kha Hed. This is one of those dishes that shows up on American Thai menus often, but I get the sense isn’t so far off from the real thing. Continue reading “Thai Coconut Soup and a Coconut Blog Hop”

Shrimp Curry and a Seafood Blog Hop

I’m not sure when coconut curries became one of my meal staples, showing up almost weekly on my dinner table. It’s not difficult, though, to see why I keep coming back to this Thai-inspired dish: it’s easy, fast (ready in under 30 minutes), and infinitely adaptable. I can make a delicious curry with a can of coconut milk and whatever vegetables and/or proteins I have in my fridge. I often make tofu curry packed with vegetables. Sometimes I throw in some chopped pineapple or peanuts. A side of rice makes it a complete meal, and one that’s even better the next day, heated up for lunch. Usually I make no record of my recipe, and instead just throw everything together, knowing that the ingredients will work their magic (a la this post from early in this blog’s life).

Thai shrimp coconut curry ~ Continue reading “Shrimp Curry and a Seafood Blog Hop”

Tofu Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce and Awards

I’ve mentioned my love of Thai food many, many times on this blog (like here and here) and I continue to miss it in Israel. One of my favorite appetizers to order is chicken satay, and I’ve long wanted to recreate this at home. Finally, it happened. With tofu. And then the next night, because it was so good, with chicken. And the dipping sauce, made with coconut milk and peanut butter, is like crack. Serious crack. I was eating it with a spoon. Then licking the bowl. I want to always have a jar in my fridge. Honestly, it was better than any satay sauce I’ve had. Ever. Continue reading “Tofu Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce and Awards”