Pumpkin-Ginger Bread

Tis the season for all things pumpkin! If you are looking for a quick Thanksgiving breakfast, snack, or dessert, this pumpkin quick bread is perfect. After making pumpkin granola I had exactly the right amount of pumpkin puree leftover for this recipe, which is Fall in a loaf pan. I adapted the recipe from an awesome blog that I’ve only recently discovered called Skinny Taste, and she asserts that this is low fat – I’ll take her word for it! The recipe calls for just egg whites, which gives the already moist bread a light and airy quality that is just lovely. The main change I made was adding my own spices rather than pumpkin pie spice, and it resulted in a lovely, super gingery flavor. The pepitas on top lightly toast when baked and add a nice textural element. Chocolate chips would also be killer in this. Continue reading “Pumpkin-Ginger Bread”

Secret Recipe Club: Pumpkin Granola

I’ve been meaning to make granola for months. I eat it for breakfast almost every morning with yogurt and honey, so why not make my own? I knew it was easy, I just somehow never got around to it. Luckily, the Secret Recipe Club gave me just the kick in the butt I needed. Each month members are assigned another blog and must make one recipe. It’s been a fun opportunity to discover new blogs and dishes. Continue reading “Secret Recipe Club: Pumpkin Granola”

Friday Shout-Out: Pumpkin and a New Blog Hop

Yeah, you love my MS Paint pumpkin thumbnail. I had a feeling… I know I’ve slacked on the Friday Shout-Out for two weeks, but it’s back! (ok, fair warning: we’re skipping next week too as I’ll be on vacation…but then we’re back for good). And we’re better than ever. I’ve been strict in the past by selecting only recipes published on blogs that week, but that always meant I was leaving out so many incredible recipes and blogs! So this week I’m adding a new feature: a blog hop linky party! Why didn’t I think of that before?? So I will shout-out some awesome recipes around a theme from that week and then you can add all of your awesome recipes from whenever. Continue reading “Friday Shout-Out: Pumpkin and a New Blog Hop”