Missed Connections: Budapest, Part I

Budapest was both the first and last stop on our 10-day tour of Central Europe as we started with an entire day’s layover there before continuing on to Berlin. We heard mixed reviews of Budapest before embarking; many people love it, but so many shrugged their shoulders and said, ‘it was ok.’ It is definitely a little rough around the edges, a shiny renovated building standing next to a dilapidated one that only hints at its former grandeur. But that’s part of what made me fall in love with this city with its wide avenues and homey cuisine. Continue reading “Missed Connections: Budapest, Part I”

Restaurants in Prague: An Abbreviated Guide

Maybe it’s the cobblestone streets and abundance of castles, or perhaps it’s the throngs of tourists at every turn, but Prague – and restaurants in Prague – feel a bit like Disneyland at times. That being said, it’s a stunningly beautiful city with gorgeous old buildings that retains the feel of an older, nostalgic Europe. And if you can manage to get away from the touristy areas you’ll be rewarded with good food, great beer, and excellent deals. Here, a very abbreviated guide to restaurants in Prague – and cafes, and bars, and even a place to do karaoke. Continue reading “Restaurants in Prague: An Abbreviated Guide”

Restaurants in Berlin: An Abbreviated Guide

We may have only had a few days in Berlin, but we ate and drank our way through the city. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a compilation of the (mostly budget) restaurants in Berlin we came across and found worth recommending. Berliners love their Asian and Middle East street food and the city is renowned for its falafel, doner kebab, hummus and more. Coming from Israel, we tried to veer away from that in favor of German and Asian cuisine. If you’re in town on a Saturday don’t miss the flea market, as much for its food and atmosphere as for the amazing finds. Also note that the vast majority of restaurants in Berlin didn’t accept credit cards so be sure to ask first. Continue reading “Restaurants in Berlin: An Abbreviated Guide”