Manchego and Fig Panini and a Fig Blog Hop

It’s fig season in Israel and it is glorious. I’ve never before lived somewhere with such a wealth of gorgeous fresh figs. Seeing them piled high at the shuk just makes me smile. There are few fruits as pretty as figs, and their subtly sweet flavor makes them a perfect foil to savory dishes – and in particular cheese. I love to stuff figs with goat cheese or ricotta and drizzle with balsamic or honey, baked or raw. I’ve been making crostini out the wazoo featuring figs, paired with toasted bread and brie or salty white cheese. And for a special lunch treat, panini. My favorite combination is this manchego and fig panini.

Fig season in Israel - Mahane Yehuda Market

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Fig and Brie Stuffed Chicken

Figs are starting to show up at the market. Green Kadota figs that look unripe but whose skin yields when poked. Bright pink insides. These are not the Black Mission (dark purple), Calimyrna (yellowish) or Brown Turkey (brown and pink) varieties that I am accustomed to. (For more info on figs I find this site to be helpful.) But I’m not one to be picky about my figs. I love them all equally. And I can’t begin to say how excited I am that it’s the beginning of fig season, knowing that it will last, at least in Israel, well into October. Continue reading “Fig and Brie Stuffed Chicken”

Embracing the Flavors of my New Home

For the first two weeks I was in Israel I made the foods that were familiar to me. Beef stew, pasta and sauce, even Pad Thai. But this week I was ready to embrace the beautiful flavors and ingredients that are so readily available to me and start creating something with some Mediterranean flavor. I’m obsessed with the figs here. They’re everywhere, they’re ripe, they’re bursting with color and flavor. I knew I wanted to do something with that. Continue reading “Embracing the Flavors of my New Home”