Q+A with Lori Narlock

Lori Narlock
Lori Narlock cooking her favorite meal: Thanksgiving!

Today I present the second installment of my Q+A series (check out the first here). I am very excited to introduce you to Lori Narlock. I followed her beautiful blog, Wine Country Cook, for a long time before I realized just how accomplished she is. Besides having a wonderful food blog full of simple, elegant recipes and wine pairings, Lori worked for years in professional kitchens, has authored dozens of cookbooks, and just launched an e-publishing company, Hang Time Press, with her husband. On top of all this she manages to balance a full time job and a family. Lori and I spoke about how she got into cooking, writing cookbooks, working in the wine industry, starting a publishing house, and what tips she can offer to aspiring cookbook authors. Continue reading “Q+A with Lori Narlock”

Q+A with Brette Sember

Today I’m excited to unveil another new series on my blog: Q+A! Often for articles I have the chance to interview incredibly interesting people in the culinary field, but I typically only insert a few quotes in each piece. I’ve been wanting to share the complete interviews as part of a series on my blog, and I’m starting today (although this one does not stem from a separate article)! Allow me to introduce Brette Sember. She has just released The Parchment Paper Cookbook in both print and as an ebook. We talked about the benefits of parchment cooking (I’m a convert!), how she made the transition from attorney to blogger, and how she parlayed her blog into a cookbook. Continue reading “Q+A with Brette Sember”